Bluetooth from Spotify on my Android LG G2 to Alpine UTE 72BT not working.

Bluetooth from Spotify on my Android LG G2 to Alpine UTE 72BT not working.


I have an Alpine UTE 72BT and have trouble playing audio over Bluetooth from Spotify on my Android LG G2. I have chosen media sound to be played via BT and I can see that the track is played in Spotify on the mobile but I'm not getting any audio in the car stereo or in the speaker on the mobile. Other apps (like YouTube, LG Music) works and the audio is played on the car stereo . I have also tried to use my tablet (Sony Xperia Tablet Z ) and it's working in combination with the car stereo .


It does not seem to be any general problems playing audio from Spotify on LG G2 to a BT device. I have a Creative D100 BT speaker and it works.


That is:

Spotify --> LG G2  --BT--> Creative D100, is working.

Spotify --> Sony Xperia Tablet Z --BT -- > Alpine UTE 72BT , is working.


So why not:

Spotify --> LG G2  --BT- - > Alpine UTE 72BT ?


I have tried to empty data in Spotify, uninstall it, reboot the mobile and install it from Play Store again. It didn't help.


I have the default Android 4.2.2 rom on my LG G2.


The car stereo I'm using:


Anyone here that have the same combination? Do you have the same issue?

Anyone that has any suggestion what I should do?

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I have this issue sometimes with my BMW. I find that turning Bluetooth off on the car and then re-enabling it seems to do the trick. I only ever have issues with Bluetooth in the car, not with my standalone BT speakers... so my assumption is that it's actually an issue with the Bluetooth stack in the car.

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