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Bluetooth playback quality on Android

Bluetooth playback quality on Android

The sound quality of song playback through my bluetooth connected head unit in my car is very poor. Is there anyway of chaning this as it's spoiling my enjoyment of Spotify?

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have you tried playing music on it with the original music app or any other devices to see it it is really just Spotify or in fact the bluetooth part of your stereo, because it sounds just fine on my Stereo headset (although I do wish it the volume in the app could go a little louder, since I work a lot of loud machines and it doesn't quite block out all external sounds)

what i have discovered is that the music from spotify plays through ONLY my front speakers as it would if i were making a phone call. however, when i play music through the music application, it will come out through the speakers throughout the entire car including the subwoofer (which it wouldn't before: leading to a very bass lacking sound.) 

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