Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists


Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

‎2012-03-30 09:15 AM

I've heard good things about grooveshark's sound quality. Anyone know if the service is any good? Considering a switch because of this issue.


What's grooveshark's catalogue like compared to Spotify? Is their android support any good?

Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

‎2012-03-30 09:24 AM

Ok, seems grooveshark doesn't have an android app. Are there any alternatives to Spotify out there that have a working android app and which work in the UK?

Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

Gig Goer
‎2012-03-30 10:36 AM

Grooveshark's app can be found here:



Works great for me, been using it for about month. Finally had enough of this stupid problem and Spotify's complete ignorance of it. Grooveshark seem to actually care about their app by updating it once in a while.

It has tons of music, I've found a lot of rare and weird stuff that isn't on Spotify.


It's pretty cool that you can do surveys to pay for your subscription.

Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

Radio Producer
‎2012-03-30 10:40 AM

Napster's just this week been taken over by Rhapsody. Their new Android phone app isn't a patch on the legacy Napster one (which had the wonderful facility to take albums offline without having to save as playlists, and which also cached the last 100 songs offline), but does work.


Their new tablet app does run on ICS, and looks gorgeous, but at the moment, for me, it won't stream (*). However, I can browse the music and save albums offline, which then play, so it's workable.


The new Napster desktop software is eye candy, a copy of the web client in a local Adobe Air interface, and also seems to have some issues. Again, it works, but feels beta in places. It's a step backwards though from Napster's previous desktop software, which was similar to Spotify's.


So, Spotify has the better desktop software, by a long way now. Their phone apps are about equivalent on Gingerbread, though Napster's doesn't seem to have the bugs reported here for Spotify's, and if you're on ICS Napster at least provides a proper tablet application which takes advantage of the screen, though at the moment you need to save playlists offline before playing. Napster streams (and downloads) using 192 kbps AAC. Custom radio stations are available on the Napster apps.


Napster also has a web client which works from the tablet browser as long as you don't switch away, or let the screen go off, so you can at least stream while looking for music to save.


However, Spotify's catalogue is better. Whole chunks of Napster's seem to have disappeared since Rhapsody took over at the weekend.


It remains to be seen whether Rhapsody will quickly move to update the desktop and android apps to fix the teething issues from the relaunch, but Napster is a working alternative, particularly if you're on ICS, while you're waiting for Spotify to update their apps. It's just a shame that the new Napster phone app is a big step backwards from the one that we had only last week!


I've been a Napster subscriber for over 8 years, but have been trying out Spotify's apps just this week, so please update me on Spotify facts if I got any comparisons wrong.


* EDIT: After re-installing the tablet version it now seems to be streaming fine under ICS.



Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

‎2012-03-30 10:41 AM

awesome, thanks

Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

‎2012-03-30 10:54 AM

This looks potentially useful to ease the transition: http://groovylists.com/


Imports Spotify playlists into grooveshark

Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

Music Fan
‎2012-04-02 11:59 PM



This is starting to drive me mad.... first thoughts was to knock up a quick app to externally manage playlists, and be able to push them into spotify as needed.


A bit of scratching at the surface looks heavyweight (I assumed there was a web based api for creating playlists, using libspotify seems like a sledgehammer).


If there was an intent for adding songs to queue (rather the stop the current playing song and starting the selection as happens with open.spotify.com/track/x or spotify:track:x urls).



The forced close bug and lack of persistence within a palylist across app closure definetely make the spotify app frustrating, although now I know it's a known bug I'll try remember not to hit "Report" when the app force closes.




Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

Festival Fanatic
‎2012-04-09 10:49 PM

Seriously... It's been two years with this bug. I know working for a startup that bugs are subjected to prioritizing, but after having a known bug for this long, it doesn't seem like you're very keen on serving your long time users.


The problem here is of course that there's no proper way of managing your library. I was happy to see the folders in the desktop client, but basically this bug has rendered the mobile app useless. I can't even boot the **bleep** thing. Can't you even give some sort of estimate. I know it's hard to give one, but how long do you intend to keep us users waiting without a shedding light on the issue? I mean, I'm not going to delete my playlists. How on earth am I supposed to keep track on my Spotify library otherwise and it's kind of **bleep**ed up that I have to do the work on changing my behaviour to accommodate your buggy software and not vice versa. I don't even have a playlist per album, but playlist per artist. You're basically saying that I'd have to write a script that converts my artist playlists to a single playlist that has all the artists.


I've been paying you guys now about 240 euros all together so I know that it doesn't really cover the development costs and I know that even if I take business elsewhere, it doesn't really bother you, because this is an edge case that doesn't affect a lot of people, so I'm basically left on my own with this. I could of course seek for reimbursement through legal ways in Finland since in here the consumer rights are pretty good, but that would be only good for me and not really worth my time or money either.


As a good service company it would be only fair if you would provide the users who have this problem premium account for the money of unlimited, because then I won't lose the premium sound quality and still get the service I'm now paying extra for, since I'm also not generating you traffic for mobile, so it would actually pretty fair deal. What do you say?




 Tarmo Aidantausta

Re: Bug: Android app crashes on startup with too many playlists

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‎2012-04-10 12:24 AM

Somehow overfloater's comment got accepted as the solution to this issue. Could that be undone please? It's a great comment, but it is not a solution!




I've removed it myself now (had to do it from a PC browser, not a mobile browser).


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‎2012-04-12 08:45 AM



Solution in this thread that worked for me on my galaxy nexus