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Bug? Now Playing Bar disappears with latest Android IOS style Update

Bug? Now Playing Bar disappears with latest Android IOS style Update

On my ZTE Axon 7 phone as well as Samsung Tab S2 both using Android 6.0.1 and latest Spotify app the Now Playing bar that allows you to skip and pause dissappears whenever the screen turns off or if I switch to other applications.     It does not come back unless I totally shut down Spotify.  This is a consistent issue since the newest software update.  I generally am casting to Chromecast audio and can pause from the Google "Home" app, but not change songs. 


 I have re-installed, rebooted numerous times.but the issue comes back. Not sure if it only happens on ChromcastAudio. Any solutions?

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This is a bug of the largest magnitude, losing all control of a music playing application!


I see similar questions going back a couple years so am doubtful of a quick fix, but will keep looking for a solution.

UPDATE: I thought the problem was fixed the newest Spotify ver Android release (today).  The now playing bar and screen were back now for Android/Chromecast.  


However, the problem has returned.  After starting a playlist or album then casting to Chromecast audio (with latest firmware).  If I come back 30 minutes later the Spotify app no longer recognizes that it is playing anything.  I cannot then start playing Spotify even on the phone.   I have to go to the Chromecast Google "Home" app, stop streaming to the chromecast there, and then re-open the Spotify App to play anything. 


I did not have this issue before the recent App update (with the functions on the bottom instead of on the left side).  It is unuseable for playing to Chromecast, which is my main goal.

I have the same issue here. The Android app randomly loses the playing now bar when I use Spotify Connect to control playback on a Spotify desktop installation.


Everything was working well prior to the latest Android update.


Please fix as it makes the system unusable.

The dissappearing Now Playing bar problem has gone away using Spotify Android app ver armv7 with Chromecast Android Home app v1.20.9 on my Chromecast Audio devices with firmware 1.22.78337. (I am on the beta CCA firmware program (check box in the Home App).   My ZTE Axon 7 is on Android 6.0.1.  I have not tried all my tablets yet. 


When starting the app fresh or resuming after a long pause there is a slight (1/2 second) delay after the app starts and my Chromeast now playing pops into view. 


When I first upgraded the Spotify app the problem still existed for a couple of days. I am not sure whether it was reboots (cache clearing) or updates to CCA that solved it, but it is all useable now on this phone.


Thanks Spotify. 



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