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Bug Report: Android Beta deleted downloaded content

Bug Report: Android Beta deleted downloaded content

I've been using the new Android 4 Beta for a while now and I have to say that it's *MASSIVELY* better than the original Android app. Thankyou for sorting out the UI, it's a pleasure to use.


However this morning for the first time ever I've experienced problems with it. I have many playlists on Spotify, but I have 5 or 6 downloaded to my phone to make my commute a bit more bareable. During the commute I go through several tunnels, so the app is constantly flicking to offline mode - and this has never before caused me any problems. But this morning I was listening to a track just as I entered a tunnel and the track stopped. I double checked the playlist to see if I hadn't downloaded the track (ie if it was streaming), but it showed me that it had been previously downloaded and was on one of the playlists that I have entirely downloaded. So I tapped the song to begin again and at that point every playlist on my phone suddenly greyed out as if none of them had been previously downloaded. Further investigation showed that I no longer have any downloaded tracks on my phone and I'm having to download them all again as we speak.


Hopefully this won't happen again, but I thought that I'd better report the problem in case it's something that's easily solveable in the release version.


Many thanks.

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That happened to me regularly with the beta version.  It still happens with the new official version so they haven't fixed it.

It happened to me too. found myself on my commute with no music last night. But other than that pleased with the new app. 

Just to clarify, it doesn't actually delete the content - just some sort of link to say it is downloaded.  When you "download" it again it fixes itself without downl;oading the actual songs, but it does need to be online - so it doesn't work when your on the tube! 😞

I too had this issue, but only after using the beta preview for several weeks.

I had this same issue with the beta - although my content never got disappeared.

My guess at the time was that it sometimes had an issue with switching between online and offline mode due to loss of network connectivity. The 'fix' was to put it into Offline mode before the start of each commute.

Sorry to hear they haven't fixed it - I've not had this problem since as I've gone with the ultimate solution and found a job that means I no longer have to commute 🙂
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Yup,  had this happen today. Quite annoying when you spend 16 hours without music >.<

I came across this problem too. Very annoying especially when you're going away for the weekend to another country and you want to bring your favorite tunes with you 😞


I'm trying the offline-mode thingy now, hopefully it wont delete my playlists anymore untill after this weekend.


Fingers crossed, and spotify, please look in to this, it's very annoying 🙂

Having that issue as well.

This is happening constantly. I know the music is there but I can't access it. When I can go back online and click on the download button it completed immediately.

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