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Bug? Weird quirk?

Bug? Weird quirk?

this is the Spotify Android Beta. on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 

Something I've noticed is when I play music and then stop. If I leave it idle for more than say 10 minutes after I reopen it it's at the now playing screen with no track playing. 


It used to do this with the old spotify but would default back to the playlists screen.


Now even if I use the menu button in the top left to try to get to any of the options (playlists, friends, settings) it just goes back to the empty now playing screen. the only way I can get it to work is to hit the android "back" key. This exits out of spotify. I can then re-launch spotify and it gives me access to playlists and everything else.

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Sounds similar to one of the glitches I found here:

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