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Bugs in latest Spotify App update

Bugs in latest Spotify App update

The Spotify App updated yesterday to version armv7. Running on a Nexus 6 with Android 6.0.1. I use Spotify through a networked Integra 70.4 receiver controlled by the Spotify App on the Nexus 6. Have just noticed that the Nexus 6 volume control button no longer controls Spotify volume. It did so perfectly before the update. Anyone else having similar problems or know how to revert to the previous version of Spotify App?
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Hi Alistair4. Welcome to the Spotify Community!


You may want to log out to your account, restart your device and log back in. This may help refresh the connection between your account and Spotify. 


If it doesn't work, it could be a hassle but reinstalling the app is worth a try. 


If these steps didn't work, you can reach out to Spotify directly as for sure, they will not leave you behind 🙂

You can reach out to them here, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on their Facebook page.




Many thanks Marlinespike. That worked like magic! Thanks for your help.

Happy to help, Alistair4 🙂

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