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Can't Log In - Country Does Not Match

Can't Log In - Country Does Not Match

I recently reinstalled Spotify onto my computer.  After installing Spotify I attempted to log in to my account and was flagged with the message "Your country does not match the one set in your profile."  I'm living in the US and my account is set-up to for the US.  I don't know what else I can do to enable my account.

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Is your location turned on, if it isn't try turning it on and see if that helps.

 Have you got any sort of VPN running? This could cause an error like this.

Hi Clippler. Welcome to the Spotify Community!


For me, I suggest that you contact Spotify directly to tell the issue you are facing. They may help you check your account and see why you're having this issue. 


You can reach out to them here, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on their Facebook page.




There is a setting in Spotify for my location, where is that?  I can only log-in to my account through the internet and not with the desktop appilcation.  On the internet version, the field for country says USA and is grey'd out. Maybe I'm missing something here.


You are correct that setting of your location can only be done by accessing your account through Spotify's website (, and there's no location setting in the Spotify app itself. I think it only has the language setting. But since you mentioned that you can see that your account was set in the US, and the option to change it is alread greyed out, you may want to contact Spotify directly so they can look at your account and tell why you are receiving that error message.

If you have not tried restarting the app and your device, it might help. If it didn't work, maybe setting up a new account will do. Spotify Customer Support can help you transfer your playlists if you have. Just my two cents.


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