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Cache impossible to delete

Cache impossible to delete

Hello everybody,



I have a big problem.


I have hard reset (with recovery mode) my galaxy note 2 with the SD card inside as I wanted it to be formated too. But it didn't actually format the SD card where quite a lot of apps where stored including the Spotify android app.


I have now reinstalled Spotify on the phone, but it keeps crashing on startup, and when I uninstall->reinstall the app while the SD is OFF it works fine (except that I don't have access to the offline songs I used to have synchronized on the SD).


So the solution woud be to erase completely any trace of the Spotify on the SD.


BUT, the problem is the file "spotifycache" is write-protected, HOW CAN I DELETE IT as I can't enter the crashing app to delete it with the settings ?




Thanks in advance for your answers guys, I couldn't find the answer myself.

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The best way I've found is to format the SD, maybe that is the only way.

Or use the stock file browser if your phone comes with one.

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My problem is similar, except stored directly on storage.  Using the built in file explorer, my display SKIPS the folder. Note, I can see the folder when browsing from my computer but cannot delete any files as they are right protected.  I also cannot seem to remove the protection.  Spotify has rendered my phone useless now. Any ideas?

The manufacturer's file browser should be able to do this without any problems. I sense some confusion and it is quite likely that individual files can't be deleted but you should be able to delete the entire folder ~android/data/com'

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