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Cache to the SD card

Cache to the SD card

I've played around with trying to get the music cache/music files off the tablet's internal storage and onto the SD card to recover space. Withthout going through the myriad steps of cache clearing, uninstalling, reinstalling, setting to extreme qual, let me just point out 2 things I've noticed and get some comments. 


In a case where available external space is smaller than internal space: is it an absolute rule of law that the Spotify music container cache will be/must be/always will be directed to the largest available pool regardless?  If true, then this requires one to provide an SD larger than (in my case 12gB) what's detected internally. Right?


When I delete cache and data, uninstall, reinstall, log in,  I notice that my playlists and the associated songs (under Your Music) are STILL present and in their same config whereas I would have expected that these elements would have been expunged. Yet they appear to be untouched by the previous deletion action. This implies that the internal cache folder/files have not been cleared. An inspection of that internal storage location shows that the folder is intact with all its sub folders and indiv files in place. The delete action is not deleting them. I surmise that the reinstall then finds the internal cache and re locks it in that internal location. Visited the Apps panel under Android settings, forced stop, cleared data and "cache" with the same result. These objects are resisting the purge.


Is this an expected result? If so, is it safe for me to manually take these off?


Nice program but there ought to be an option to allow users to choose where they want to store.





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Hey @hoibie 


Thanks for posting in the community 🙂


Spotify will save itself to the largest available memory slot. So for example, if the SD card has the largest space available it will save here.


In regards to the Your Music troubles, are these tracks remaining as 'Available Offline'? This Offline files should be removed upon clearing the Cache and then reinstalling the app. You can indeed remove the cache data manually by connecting the device to a computer/laptop and removing them from the SD card.


In regards to your feedback, we will certainly pass your feedback along to our developers. They love to hear it and often use community feedback in future plans nd updates. 🙂


Any questions, just ask.

Also do note that 'Your Music' is a list of your music and is stored on the Spotify servers so the act of logging in then makes these lists available to you as it's 'Your Music' and available from any device which supports it.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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