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Can I get to preferences on an android tablet?

Can I get to preferences on an android tablet?

I've been looking for preferences on my android for a while and I know you can get to it on a computer, sadly I don't have access to one, so I was wondering if I could access preferences on my tablet and how. Note, I don't have access to Spotify Premium also, is it possible without?


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You should find the spotify settings gear icon in the top right of the screen in the library/me tab.

I'm having the same problem, also need to delete some music to make room for more music, and I can access the setting gear icon, but in the icon there is no preference settings or seem to be  anyway to delete any music off in any way, I have spotify premium, note I'm using my Samsung tab E and have not yet used spotify on any other devices... please help.

The only relevant option in settings is right at the bottom (you need to swipe the prefs to reach it) but this will not actually free up any space as spotify on android is a very badly behaved app.

Best option would be to turn off the download switch for any playlist/albums you no longer want to have available offline, quit spotify then find and delete the spotify cache folder -Android > Data >

Once you restart spotify, any playlists/albums which still have the download switch turned on should redownload automatically.

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