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Can not change volume in latest update (mobile)

Can not change volume in latest update (mobile)

Updated spotify on my Android phone and now there is no icon for volume control anymore. It used to be a speaker icon in the right lower corner but it is gone.
Nothing to be found in dropdown menus either. No mention of it in help section.
I'm tired of these constant "improvements" that removes functions or hides them and usually adds functions that just complicates the interface!
Where is the darn volume control?
1 Reply

Hello @Equinox_ 


The Speaker icon you are referring to is actually the "connect" feature used to control what music you are playing on other device 🙂


It was not intended to be a volume control 😞


to modify the volume of the music playing you should modify the "media" sound of your device


this can be achieved by using the volume control buttons on the side of your device while the music is playing


to Modify the volume when the music is not playing press the volume button, then press the "gear" icon and slide the "media" slider to your desired volume 🙂


I hope this Helped 🙂

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