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Can't check in playlists to sync to Android.

Can't check in playlists to sync to Android.



Every once in a while when i decide to update my playlists into my Samsung s4, i get this weird and VERY anoying trouble of not beeing able to check in my playlists to start the sync. I click once on the playlist box to check it in but the marker dissapears right away.. Does anyone else have this problem? I love spotify but this just makes me furious.

ps i have around 2gb+ free space

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Please read the guide linked below for details on getting a completely clean install of the Spotify app. This should be the first step and can help resolve issues such as:

- Black screen on startup
- Offline data not storing on SD card
- Random crashes or FC's
- Track degradation or skipping
- Playlists and tracks no longer available

[GUIDE] First step of troubleshooting - Clean Install

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Android Troubleshooting:
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Did anyone ever find a fix for this.

The same is happening for me, I have done a fresh reinstall as described and also tried 2 different PC's


The tick box instantly un ticks its self, indeed most frustrating


Any ideas



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