Can't download local files

Can't download local files

Everything is in the title. I simply can't download my computer Local Files on my Android Spotify. 


Well, more precisely, I can't but just since yesterday for some reasons.

 I can download any "official" music easily without any problem, but the local files won't download.


I tried to log out / in, to move my local files on my computer, to create a new playslist, to switch the Offline mode on and off.. But nothing seems to work. 


Last time I managed to download those local files (yay!) but now i'm cursed. 


So if someone could help me that'd be great !


Sincerely yours, Hugo.

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Has anything changed, such as a different wifi, new or updated firewall or internet security programme on your PC? Any problems are normally down to communication issues so here's a list of things to check if local files won't download.

  • Your PC and mobile must be connected to the same Network/SSID and spotify should be running on your PC.
  • In your router settings, check that UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is enabled.
  • Make sure that Windows shows your network as private and not public.
  • Set exceptions for spotify in any firewall or internet security programme. If you are unsure how to do this, temporarily disable them.
  • Check that you haven't already hit the limit of 3,333 downloads per device or 9,999 downloads across all devices.
  • If you are using a wifi network outside of your home, there is every chance that the protocols used by spotify for downloading are blocked.

If you still can't make it work, you can create a mobile hotspot on your mobile and connect your PC to this hotspot via wifi. Syncing the local files should then work.

Thanks a lot Joe ! It was in fact a problem with my firewall... I changed a setting without really paying attention. 

That fixed it. Thanks again for the fast reply, I was actually quite surprised!

Phew, that was easier than usual 🙂 Enjoy your music!

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