Spotify logged me out - and delete all the offline files.

Spotify logged me out - and delete all the offline files.

Brief description of the issue: As I planned my vacation with very limited internet access. I've downloaded a lot of playlists to listen offline. But when I acctualy got there, spotify app for some reason logged me out and deleted all the files.

I was able to re-login after few attempts, but the offline content was missing.

It was very dissturbing as I was left without any music for my vacation.



Device: Samsung Galaxy S4, 5.0.1

Type of Spotify account: Premium

The app version of Spotify:


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Oh! The same happened to me no much time ago.. I have a samsgung S6 edge and what I could find out is that the app was crashing because of the lack of memory in my device so, maybe that happended to yours too. I would recommend you to uninstall it and install it again, thats what i did and it worked and never happened again. Hope it was helpful


Thanks for Your reply. But that's not the case.
I've got plenty of empty storage (internal and exCard) and the app is not crashing it just logged me out and wiped all the offilne files.

I am on a cross country bike ride, plenty of space on y SD card, and twice this has happened to me. Really annoying

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