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Waiting to download - Android

Waiting to download - Android

I've searched the previous threads and haven't found anything that helps. My account is well below the 3333 download limit. I have 10Gb of free space on my phone. I've restarted my phone. I've forced signed out of all of the instances of my account. I've cleared my cache from my android app. I'm on wifi. I tried allowing downloads over cellular.

All this and I can't get a single song to download. I just keep getting the "waiting to download" message whether I'm trying to download a single song or multiple.

3 Replies

I've had the same problem dude and I have the same situation except I have a Samsung galaxy S4 and a 128GB SD card and I set my storage to go there and it keeps saying "waiting to download" or "there is not enough space on this device" which is so frustrating because it feels like there was no point in getting a memory card with more space. Sometimes the app will open and stay pitch black. Then the most frustrating is when it does work and I download all of my songs for offline use and sometime later they automatically undownload for some reason and I have to go back and download them all again. It also signs me out automatically when I never signed out in the first place. I really hope spotify sees this and can make an update soon because im losing hope and I really love spotify. It's my place to go for relaxation and chilling out. I don't want to cancel my subscription because I love it so much but it seems that if this keeps ocurring I will have to soon.

-A hopeless customer

Same problem for me too. I have plenty of space on both internal memory and external memory microSD card.


I have have over 3gb of free space on internal storage and over 58gb of external microSD card storage but still stuck in "waiting to download" message on the client.  Nothing I do mitigates this problem. Moving the spotify app to external or internal, despite plenty of storage in both, does not mitigate this problem. I also don't have over 3333 songs nor do I have more than 3 offline devices.


Re-installing the Spotify app doesn't fix the problem either.


Very frustrated!



I know this is old, but I think I may have found the issue.  I was running into the same thing with my PC (plenty of space, nowhere near 3333 songs downloaded), yet a certain playlist would be marked as "Waiting..."


I checked my Preferences and noticed "Show unavailable songs in playlists" was turned off (because I don't want to see them since they won't play anyway.  The one playlist that I had that was "Waiting..." had unavailable songs in it.  So I turned on the option to see the unavailable songs, removed them from my playlist, and PRESTO!  Click "Download" and it completes properly!


Happy offline listening!


- Foz

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