Can't download music to sd card


Can't download music to sd card

I have seen the tutorial and it looks very easy but in my phone (Huawei p9 lite) I can't find the storage option to switch where the music is being saved
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Hey @dariogrande95


I found this post:


"Just make sure you have an Android/data/ folder on your external SD card. Once this folder exists, a new option Storage is available on Spotify Settings. There you can swith to SD Card. Worked for me on Adroid 5.0."


Someone else said to just go to that location and create a folder titled that.


I also found another post:


They said:


1. delete downloaded songs


2. go to device storage/android/data -> move to SD memory card /android/data (It might already be there i'd just overwrite it, donno if it matter or not)


3. download songs


Hopefully that helps! I had the same problem and I can't remember what I did, but I think I just did the second one which is to move the folder to the SD card.