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How to store offline music on the external SD card on andriod


How to store offline music on the external SD card on andriod

first off thank you for the help if you responded very much appreciated. 


First off, I have a samsung Galaxy S4 and no its not rooted and I really don't want to root it either but I want to move the app spotify to my SD card but it wont let me and its driving me nuts I've been going everywhere for answers but all dead ends. I want to move it and all of the music onto my SD card so I can save room on my internal storage 



please help and thanks 

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Thank you so much. It's the most easy option.

It worked for me creating the folder directly in the external SD, thanks!

Yep same here..with new technology I feel it should be easy to manage storage directions ….but I am learning that unless you have an awesome data plan ..better have a good amount of internal storage on the device itself..otherwise it seems to be a continual dead end in where unless you know a lot about file systems you best be satisfied with the status quo.. Trying to root..or any other workaround could be more of a risk than in the grand scheme worth it    just my thought on the issue ..I don't like it either but I would as well hate to jeopardize my tablet for the sake of a few more GB of music..I mean really much of the millions of tunes can I listen to at once anyway 


Thanks very much for this. I have a Samsung J5 and this worked for me. Not sure how you came across this fix, but thank you

Just make sure you have an Android/data/ folder on your external SD card. Once this folder exists, a new option Storage is available on Spotify Settings. There you can swith to SD Card. Worked for me on Adroid 5.0.

it doenst work i have a motorola moto g 3rd edition

Have you try to restart your smartphone?

I am using Samsung Galaxy s5 with an external micro SD (128gb) nstalled. My issue is that everytime I restart the device the contents of storage are transferred back to my device and I lose everything that I've downloaded for offline use. This is extremely frustrating when you've paid for the premium service. Can anyone shed some light on this?

After downloading my library several times to the SD card of my Galaxy K and finding it always deleted shortly after, I canceled my Spotyfy Premium subscription. PS: Yes, I reinstalled several times, changed the SD card, and deleted all traces of previous installations.



I did the same, but when downloading again the folder is re/created again on the phone memory!?


I have a samsung s4mini   SD card 32G, 25G available...


Please who could help, this becomes anoying.....



Hi, did you manage to get your music onto SD card? I'm having the same problem, with my Sony Xperia M2 (Kitkat 4.4.4. I've tried everything, Can someone Please Help? Thanks.


yes. Spotify didn't gave the option (was not displayed in the menu), as de sd card was not recognized. After formatting the SD card the option was there.

Hope this helps for you as well.

Kind regards!


I succeed choosing SD Card for saving my download songs. But, is it possible to move the songs that I have downloaded in internal storage to sd card? Or I have to delete the songs and re-download it again?

When you use the option in spotify's settings to use the SD card for the cache, it automatically transfers whatever is stored in internal storage to the SD card and you should have seen confirmation that it was doing so. What makes you think the cache is still in internal storage?

Because when I open few albums that I already downloaded on my library,
the option download (above the songs) is not slide in green, like I have
to download it again if I want to save it. Sorry for confusing, thank you
for fast reply. Appreciate it.

Hello. In my case I formatted the SD card (probably it was not recognized) and after doing that the option to store on the SD was available. In stettings menu, storage. And after choosing this the new and old music automatically stored at the SD.

Kind regards!

After an hour of googling this worked perfectly for me! Thank you very much for posting this up.

Didn't work for me (moving the folder). I reinstalled the Spotify app with the SDCard inside and it gave me the option to choose to which device I wanted to download (SD was selected already by default).~but first I had to turn the Spotify off in my computer (and all other devices running with the same account).

How are you guys managing to get this to work??

I've tried just about everything I can find online... I simply can't get Spotify to save on my 128gb SD card - it insists on going for the internal. I'm absolutely done in with this!!

Hi there. Yes it was for me the same. Very annoying. I formatted the sd card in the phone, by the phone, and after that it recognised the sd card.

In settings you could see this. It's called "opslag" in Dutch. Good luck!

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