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Can't follow anymore / followings stuck at 1168

Can't follow anymore / followings stuck at 1168






Huawei P30

Operating System

Android 10



My Question or Issue


I can't follow artists anymore...

When I click follow it says I'm "following now".

After close / open Spotify again, I'm not following the exact same artist anymore.

The followings counter on my profile is stuck at 1168. It never gets higher than this... 

Already tried to reinstall - same problem. 


Please help. 


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Thank you for reaching out to the Community. Can you try a clean reinstall on the App? Can you also try following artists on a different device, such as a Mac, Window, or Linux Computer?


Meanwhile, I have found some topics in the Community that I think might be helpful for you. To see them please click here, here, and here.


Hope this helps and let me know how it goes. Thanks!

Hey @Joel-M,

same problem after clean reinstall...
When I look up the artists I can't follow on a windows computer (web player) it says I'm following them.
So it seems like an Spotify app problem.



Can you show me a screenshot of your issue? Meanwhile, I will continue my research on this issue and I will let you know when I find a solution to this issue. Thanks for your patience.



I want to follow & click follow.


I follow.

I close the app, open again, switch to the artist and I'm not following.

If I look this artist up on a computer, I'm still following.

So it just seems an app problem. 



Thank you for your screenshot. Although can you try taking a vid. of your issue? I think that might help me better solving your issue. Thanks.


Please take a look at the attachment.



Thank you for your video, I can see your issue. Can I ask why you need to close the Spotify app? Also, can you show me on your computer too? I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your patience.


Sometimes I close apps if I don't use them, I don't want everything running in the background. But it's also no solution to always keep it on.

I don't know what I should show you on my computer, when I type in the artists name or any other name where I clicked "follow" it says I'm following, there's no problem on my computer at all. 

Problem still not fixed. 



Thank you for your reply and for your cooperation with giving us more info on this. We'll be sure to forward this to the right team.


Our developers are aware of this issue and and it's under investigation.


You can find more info about this here. We'll also be posting updates on this as soon as we get any.


If you have any questions we're always one reply away 🙂



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