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Can't get rid of downloading notification

Can't get rid of downloading notification

So I finally figured out what is happening (after clearing, uninstalling, etc).


When I run Spotify on android, I get a notification that said "Downloading 0 out of 6 (0% complete).  It never completes and it's impossible to get rid of.


It turns out that, even though I had checked "Hide unplayable tracks" and they weren't showing, this notification doesn't obey that.  So they can't download, don't show, and you get a notification forever that can't be dismissed.


Workaround is to delete unplayable tracks from playlists, but shouldn't have to deal with that.

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Okay, well I spoke too soon apparently.


Now it manages to download anywhere between 2 to 10 songs before freezing.  It does not make any progress after that.  I've tried restarting the app.  Uninstalling the app.  De-authorizing/re-authorizing offline playing for the phone, etc.


Per this other post, I tried toggling the Storage permission.  Interestingly, every time I toggle it and return to the app it downloads another 2-10 songs before freezing again.  I'm slowly working through my playlists which, I have to say, is an utter delight!


Please fix?


I'm on a Nexus 5x, not rooted.



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