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Can't like a song while using connect

Can't like a song while using connect

I'm trying to use Spotify connect to play music through my desktop speakers while controlling the radio through my phone. I can like the songs on the desktop, but I can't like them on the phone. The thumbs up and thumbs down buttons just disappear from the phone interface once connect starts working.


Whats the deal?

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Hi there, sorry for the uber late reply but I've only just come across your post. So you are controlling the desktop using your phone? I think it would be beneficial to understand how Connect works:


You have 2 devices; the 'Player' and the 'Controller'. The 'Controller' in your case is your phone, and the 'Player' the desktop.


Your controller connects to the player through your internal WiFi... when you select to play a song what your phone is doing is telling the desktop to connect to the Spotify server and start playing the track/playlist//album etc. As such, the desktop is the device connected to Spotify and is taking the stream (as though you were using it directly).


Your phone however is only connected to the desktop application, not the Spotify server. This is why you can 'Like' a track on the desktop but not your phone.




Basic (rudamental) diagram of data flow (as you can see, it is only the desktop connected to the server):




      DESKTOP        ------        MODEM/ROUTER      ---------         MOBILE PHONE        

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