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Is Spotify Connect app on Amazon Fire TV constantly available to run?

Is Spotify Connect app on Amazon Fire TV constantly available to run?


I am considering to get some streaming device for my home entertainment system, like Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. One of my key requirements is possibility to play Spotify. Apple's AirPlay seems to always be on standby to stream the music at any time. Is the spotify connect app on Fire TV always ready as well? or in other words, do I have to first manually start the Spotify app on the Fire TV and then it will be available be controlled from my phone? 



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Whilst I cannot say whether you need to run the app or not (I would assume it sits in the background and will automatically detect when you connect to it though); I can say some people have had issues with the Fire TV Connect application working, it seems to work better when the Fire TV box is wired into your router rather than going through the wireless.


Sorry I can't answer your question directly, but just wanted to make you aware of this in case you do go ahead hopefully I can save you some time 🙂

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Spotify Connect is constantly available on the Fire TV, even when the device is sleeping it will wake up as soon as you connect to the Fire TV.


In fact there are a few bugs in the Spotify Connect App on the Fire TV (which are already mentioned in other threads). The most annoying bug is that the Fire TV disappears from the list of devices from time to time when you use a wired connection. It can then take up to an hour until the device reappears. The only possibility you have is to switch to wireless connection, which will make it reappear in a few seconds. I tried all other possibilities, like rebooting the Fire TV, reinstalling the App on the Fire TV and so on, all without success.


There are some other small bugs like losing the connection between the client and the Connect app from time to time (which is hard to notice, because the music will continue on the Fire TV),  having to select the Fire TV twice before it actually starts playing music, but if you don't have a wireless connection available, at this time it's not much fun using Spotify Connect on the Fire TV.

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