Can't log in because of offline mode

Can't log in because of offline mode




Czech Republic 


Xperia Z1 

Operating System

Android 5.0.2


My Question or Issue

The app logged me out and I can't log in because it says I'm in offline mode. How I'm I supposed to go online when I'm not logged in? Only solution is to reinstall the app which also means to download gigabytes of data again. That is not acceptable. It happens every few days. 

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Hey @milanseitler, welcome to the Community!


Your best option in this case is to reinstall. To stop this from happening, don't log out while your app is in Offline Mode.


Hope that helps.

First of all, I didn't log out. The app logged me out itself without me doing anything. I don't expect that from a paid app. I also don't expect that a suggested solution is to reinstall the app as this wasn't the first time this issue happened to me. Reinstalling whole app means that I have to download all my music again. Am I supposed to do this every week and still pay for the Premium services?

Same thing happening here.  Paying for app and can't use it on my tablet anymore .  It is now only available to me through a sonos speaker.  When I checked to see how long it would be offline, it said 1 more day, but after checking it, it bounced me back to 30 more days offline!  What???  Please find me a fix!


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