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Playing songs not on my playlist

Playing songs not on my playlist

I have a premium account. Autoplay is turned off. I will shuffle play a playlist and it will start playing a song not even in my library. It will at most play 3 or four songs from my playlist before picking a song I have never heard of. I tried logging off all devices and uninstalling, reinstalling, turning off auto play and it isn't fixed. I am paying for this and it is very frustrating. For months, this has never been an issue. Why now? I upgraded to the latest version, still having this issue.


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Hey @zktv_-uymnei8, welcome to the Community!


You shouldn't be having this problem if you're Premium. Does this happen with every playlist you have?


Also, can you let us know what devices this is happening on? We'll also need to know the operating systems and Spotify versions on the devices.


We'll see what we can suggest.

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