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Can't pause on lock screen while using wired headphones

Can't pause on lock screen while using wired headphones





Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

Operating System

Android Pie 9.0


My Question or Issue

Whenever I use Spotify with wired headphones I can't pause while on the lock screen it just immediately unpauses and sometimes it skips the track I'm currently listening to the only way I've been able to counter is by unplugging and replugging in my headphones or unlocking the phone. 

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Hello @YoungSpaniel,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Have you tried reinstalling the app? You can read here how to do it.


Try a different set of headphones if it didn't help. And if possible, try if the play/pause button in the cord of your headphones does respond.


Hope the reinstallation works though. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Hi. It's still isn't working even after uninstalling and the problem is now happening with wireless headphones too. 

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