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Can't see green arrow

Can't see green arrow

I been struggling for months with this issue n I asked for help to help centrer on twitter n I didnt got a solution! I cant see the green arrow anymore. When I go to an artits album I cant see if I already downloaded that song. Idk if this happened others Androide users or just me bc my friend has an iphone and she can see the green arrow. And tbh its annoying that i have to always click on "save" to see if I already donwloaded a song.. Here is what I mean


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Hey there @moonchild20,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


We'd suggest in this case to try a clean reinstall of the app on your Android device. Here's how to do so:

  1. Head here and click Remove all devices
  2. Go to your Spotify settings, scroll down to Storage and then clear the cache
  3. From the Android home screen, tap Settings > Apps
  4. Find Spotify in your list of apps, tap it and clear the cache and data. Then select Uninstall.
  5. Switch your device off and wait a couple minutes.
  6. Switch your device back on.
  7. Open the Google Play Store then search for and install the Spotify Music app

That should do the trick!


Keep in mind that, after reinstalling the app, you'll need to make available again for offline use your preferred tracks or playlists.


Let us know how you get on, we'll be right here if you need more help 🙂

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Hey thank you, I tried your advice and it didnt work ㅠ^ㅠ 

Hey @moonchild20.


Thanks for trying that out for us.


It looks like these might be two different versions of the same song with two different URIs, even if they appear to be the same song.


Just to be sure, could you copy the URIs from the song in the two different contexts in which it appears (within the playlist and within the album) and compare them to see if they're the same?


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

Sorry for late reply! I dont really understand whats the URI but should they be the same?

this is the artist : song 



this is from my playlist 



Hey @moonchild20.


Thanks for sending over that info.


It seems that the second URI (spotify:track:4yJ6CHGtEjUnMsZ4IMqReH) is a duplicate of the first one. The second URI was the one we were able to access by searching for the artist and opening the single Noir on their profile.


If this is the only song that this is happening with, we suggest that you remove the version with the first URI and add the one with the second URI (the most recent one) to your playlist. That way, you should see the green arrow when you download it.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions about this - we'll be right here.

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