Can't send songs on Android.


Can't send songs on Android.

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Been a premium member for over 3 years now, and I must say I am becoming more and more disappointed with Spotify as the days go on.


I can't send music to people on Android unless I connect to Facebook, which I am not doing. I am clearly following people, but their names wont show up in the list. I have the most updated version, blah blah blah.


I am glad other cheap streaming services are coming out, Spotify will be a distant memory of the past since the people running it ar inept at adding features that enhance the listening experience. No one cares about any of the new features you roll out.


As a matter of fact, when looking up a song that is longer than the viewing area, it STILL WON'T SCROLL, allowing me to see the whole name of the song and the remix. Seriously Spotify? Get your **bleep** together, or you're going to lose A LOT of customers. I will take me and my 40+ referals elsewhere.


Spotify should at least have BASIC music player functionality, so Spotify, do me a favor, open iTunes, WMP, WInamp, etc; see how they behave, and add those features. Make options. Customizability.


Show that you are doing something with my $10/month please.

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