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Can't share music

Can't share music






MotoG 6Play

Operating System

Android Oreo 8.0.0 


My Question or Issue

 Everytime I press the share option the app crash.

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Same here, Xiaomi Mi A1, Android Oreo. App can't share to Facebook or just crashes...

Same here, I just got a Motorola E5 Supra today, and I am about to throw it through a window.  I cleared data and uninstalled/reinstalled Spotify, but every time I click share the app either goes to my home page or goes to the home page on the phone.  Thoughts??

Same situation, 

I have Motorola Moto X4 with Android Oreo.

After last update (day, or two days ago?) I cannot share any music, after clicking 'share' app is closing down immediately and opening again. 


And I'm aware in last update new feature was added, some code to share the music, playlist etc but anyone have been tested this version on Android 8.x? 😛


Am having the same problem here using xiaoXi mia1 on Oreo 

Same problem , already reported thru google play.



Device OnePlus 5, running android 8.1 July Security Patches.

Already tried older and beta apks. 

Pretty awful thing.

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