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Can't sync Spotify account to Touchtunes

Can't sync Spotify account to Touchtunes

I was having a looping issue trying to sync my Spotify account to my Touchtunes account at a local bar.  I was using my android phone and both of the services (Spotify and Touchtunes) were apps downloaded from the Google Play Store.  I was unsuccessful and wonder if anyone has come across this issue. 

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This sounds like a question for Touchtunes. I found this on their web site (not sure if it helps).

"Connecting your Spotify® account with the TouchTunes App will unlock some cool features. It will allow you to import your Spotify® music collection into the TouchTunes App to help you find songs faster."

My Touchtune account cannot see my Spotify account.

It keeps going to an old account not used anymore. Its very difficult to disconnect from Youchtunes. I need to disconnect and connect fresh to t

my latest Spotify account. But its making it very complicated.

Doesn't Touchtunes offer any support? Sounds like a question for them.

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