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Can't view all songs from one artist on Android App

Can't view all songs from one artist on Android App

Hello. I am using the Android version of Spotify and am paying for Spotify Premium. I have a very simple request:


I would like to view a list of all of the songs by one artist within the app. Not one album at a time, but a full list of their repetoire (every song). I would then like to play those songs in order.


How do I do this?

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Interesting question. You can use advanced search options to view an artist, genre, year, or even record label!


Here's what you search for to find music by Abakus:



If the name of the artist consists of more than one word or special characters, just put it in quotes:

artist:"submotion orchestra"



Hi Amirfathi,


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this is only a partial solution.


When I search for say, artist:"Ben Folds", a full list of Ben Folds' songs is returned as a list. However, when I select and play the first song-"Brick", a playlist of Ben Folds' tracks is generated that is only 20 tracks long. Ben Folds' reptoire is much larger than 20 songs. After those 20 songs have finished playing (3 of which were the same song), spotify just starts playing 'Song Radio Based on Brick'- which includes songs by many artists who are not Ben Folds.


How do I get Spotify to play the full list of songs returned by the search artist:"Ben Folds"?



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