Cannot Sync/Download Local Files on Phone


Cannot Sync/Download Local Files on Phone

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Yesterday, I was able to play my sycned offline songs without any issues.

Today as I use the app, all of my local songs are now greyed out and are unable to be played on mobile anymore. 

I tried re-downloading my songs, but when I set the slider to Download, the app simply displays "Downloading. Waiting to download." and nothing happens. 


My Phone: Google Pixel 3 XL


Random details:

- all local file formats are in MP3

- phone has over 20 GB of free space

- WiFi router's Plug and Play option is enabled

- songs that are native/already in Spotify download perfectly fine, just my local files won't download

- yes,  I am an active Spotify Premium user

- both Android Spotify and PC Spotify are at their latest versions

- mobile version: Desktop version:

(both are latest versions as of 7/19/2019)


Things I have tried:

- completely uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify mobile app AND desktop app

- disabling the firewall on my laptop

- setting the firewall to allow Spotify on both private and public networks

- uninstalling the Spotify mobile app and desktop app AND restarting both devices before reinstalling

- changing the directory in which the local files were imported

- clearing cache in the Spotify app

- connecting both devices via the same WiFi

- connecting directly to Mobile Hotspot instead of Wifi

- removing all my Offline Devices from Spotify

- tried importing royalty free music / unlicensed / etc

- tried using another premium account


Nothing seems to be working for me at the moment. Any suggestions you guys can make?


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Cannot Sync Local Files

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I tried using an entirely different wifi at a different location. Didn't work either.


Re: Cannot Sync Local Files

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Same here.


Playlist won't sync between laptop-pc-iPhone. It worked before. 



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It's simply just a shitty connection between your phone and the computer.

The way I fixed this for myself goes as following.

This should work with iPhone and Android devices. 


1: Download a "Hotspot" for your computer. (I personally used "Hotspot Lite" and it worked.)

2: Start the connection and connect to the hotspot from your PC to your iPhone.

3: Close out of Spotify on both devices. (Meaning the Spotify application on the PC and iPhone.)

4: Add the selected songs to the playlist of your choice. I recommend you delete the previous instance of the song in the playlist.

5: Redownload the playlist. 

6: Jam out.


I've been struggling with this issue for quite sometime now. I think that when you connect to the modems WiFi, it recognizes the devices to be on different connections.