Car View missing

Car View missing




New Zealand


Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

Operating System

Android 11 

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As of today the 'Car Mode' is missing from my settings. I have it on all the time for driving before and after work, but when I started playing music this morning it defaulted to the main play view with no sign of the setting.

Is this feature removed or is it a bug? Does anyone else have this problem?



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Hey @jordypeatpeat,


Thanks for posting here.


We can confirm that we're retiring the car view feature. This however doesn't mean we don't want to improve on how our users listen to Spotify while driving. On the contrary, we're actively exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience. Think of retiring car-view as something that needs to happen in an effort to make way for new innovations coming down the track.


Please bear with us for the time being. While we work backstage on improving the experience, one alternative would be to listen hands-free via Google Assistant. This feature also works with Google Maps so you can navigate while listening to Spotify. In order to do that, you can link your accounts and say ‘Hey Google, play Spotify’.

If available to you, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay both have Spotify integrations that you can link to your phone and a specifically designed for a driving environment.


We hope you understand. Stay tuned for further developments!


All the best and safe driving.

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Car view not available in landscape view almost caused me to crash multiple times due **bleep** interface not adjusting or detecting i am in the car (Volkswagen move Up! )


Integration with google maps also not working would love if integration with vw apps would be nice or a decent car mode! P.s i am a premium user







Almost 6 months and nothing yet? What is going on? I am already at the point of looking for Spotify alternatives. It is ridiculous that I need to use a 3rd part app to keep my screen always on and still the song title is ridiculously small, and the control buttons are too small to operate while driving.


Where is this new feature?

It's an old feature that shouldn't have been removed.....

Rather have the old car view back till a new one is developed at least it was somewhat usefull!

Just came across this after struggling for the last few months.

I literally notice myself now trying to turn my head and really having to focus on my phone in its cradle in order to see what's playing, how on earth is that safer?! In power save mode I literally cannot see any more. 

I'm an app developer, it's insane to remove an essential feature before replacing it, you just alienate your users. Who ever decided this needs firing. 

Sadly, this isn't the first time Spotify's done similar things.  When they decided to revamp the client a few years back, they apparently rebuilt a lot of their code base and before there was feature parity with the prior version pushed "updates" to everyone.  There was a lot of complaints that they should have made the new version an opt-in beta rather than making it the "production" version.  Seems they haven't learned much about not punishing their customers while they figure stuff out...

Ditto. This actually broke my whole car setup, it seems to rely on car mode working to interact with my head-unit properly. I can't use it at all and have to literally get my phone out and look at it to play music, change tracks etcs.


Useless. Just bring it back.

Well they want you to buy the Car Thing...

I mean for me it's also just an accessibility thing, like it's actually quite hard for me to hit the tiny buttons, like when I'm at the gym or in a car. Please bring the feature back.

Cmon how long shall we wait to get it back ...
Btw vote here -
Maybe it will make a difference?

I've been using Spotify for years but I'm leaving because of:

  • UI navigation and workflow is annoying and not logical
  • Lack of "Car/auto mode" nearly caused me making an accident trying to hit those ridicolous tiny ui buttons

put 👏 back 👏 car 👏 mode 👏

Car mode has reappeared on my Android...  You have to disable the "Show Waze Banners" and then the "Car" option is re-enabled.

US Android version



wut? not on my Spotify

I'm from the UK, no maps or waze linked

The version I got is the latest




Only get rubbish car mode in UK. I want Car View back to get a simplified
screen that works in both portrait and landscape.

Hadn't tried landscape, appears that doesn't work, but the portrait mode looks similar to how it was other than it has color cover art rather than just the name...  It does prevent screen save while up, so it does fix that issue for me.



What the **bleep**..I dont even have such option available in my Spotify app named: "show waze banners".

Do you have some modded version of Spotify installed perhaps?

Not modified, just have Waze integration enabled:
Waze -> My Waze -> Settings (gear icon upper left) -> Audio Player



i connected spotify with google maps. i will try to turn phone vertically today while driving - i just realized it is always horizontal

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