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Change language in menu?

Change language in menu?

Hi everyone,

can you please advise how to change the Android app language in its menu? Actually, I spent a while looking for the Preferences themselves now that there was (another, unfortunate, substantial) change of the GUI and do not see it there - what am I doing wrong?


Thank you!

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Hey @logravity! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


You're doing nothing wrong.

It's not possible right now to change the language of your app on android. -.-

But there is already an idea for this going. *Idea*

Give it Kudo's to show your support and it will be maybe available again. ^^



Did you remove this option? My GUI was in English before the last app update and now it is hard-coded to my locale.


The "idea" you mentioned is from 2014 and the last update from more than a year ago states that it had not received enough kudos, thus is now Closed. Not to mention such an "idea" is really a lack of planning on the UX team. That is, however, not a new thing.

Hi, my phone is in English but the spotify app is coming up in Chinese (i live in Hong Kong).  All other log-ins and my desktop preference is in English.  How can I change this?


Are you saying that the entire app is in chinese even though your android system language is Englisg(US) or English(UK)?

Yes, that's correct

Hmmm...that shouldn't happen as the spotify app normally defaults to the system language. All I can suggest is to contact spotify direct.

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