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Chromecast Audio - gap between linked tracks

Chromecast Audio - gap between linked tracks


I just listened to Pink Floyd - The Wall, in which several tracks are linked together without silence, just as a live album.
Chromecast Audio puts some gap (silence) between those tracks, and its not good for the listener.
It does not happen if I listen the same album directly on my android devices.
Is there a way to eliminate the problem?
Thanks in advance.
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It looks like spotify doesn't support gapless playback on chromecast. This issue was raised some time ago and marked by spotify as "not an issue" for some reason although they did say that "gapless playback isn't available in Chromecast Audio for Spotify". I recommend opening a new idea asking for gapless playback support on chromecast. After all, it works fine on Google Play Music.

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