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Chromecast STILL disappears from android spotify

Chromecast STILL disappears from android spotify

I dont know why you closed the previous thread, but this problem persists.
When my samsung s7 has been disconnected from my home network, spotify needs a force stop to refind my chromecast device.
I have tried reinstalling according to the steps posted by support, but to no avail.

Please advise
26 Replies

@lab wrote:

I see many people posting this problem in various forums, and I have this problem too on both my Android phones, but it is working fine on iPhone! I had mobile network disabled while testing this.


This is what happpens on my Huawei P10 Plus:

Android version: 7.0. Spotify version: armV7 (latest version). Google Home version: (latest version). 

  1. Wifi is on, mobile network is off (the latter doesn't really matter).
  2. I open Spotify, find music I want to listen to and click on "Available devices". All my Chomecast devices (1 Chromecast 1st generation and 3 Chromecast Audio) are showing in the "Connect to device" list.
  3. I disable wifi on my phone for a few seconds and enable it again,
  4. Now I can't see any of my 4 Chromecast devices  in the "Connect to device" list in Spotify. Other apps like TuneIn Radio and Google Play Music don't have the same problem. The difference between these apps and Spotify is that the other apps have their own Chomecast icon which disappears when disconnecting from wifi and re-appears when connecting again.
  5. I force the Spotify app to close and start it again. Now all Chromecast devices show as they should! I can do this 100 times and the result will always be the same.

The exact same thing happens on my Samsung Galaxy S5.

Android version: 6.0.1. Spotify version: armV7 (same version as my Huawei). Google Home version: (same version as my Huawei).


Another problem with both Android phones, is switching between two Chromecast devices. I usually pause the music in the Spotify app before I try connecting to another device, but in the "Connect to device" list, it just says "Connecting..." and I have to try 2-3 times more before it is working. Probably a similar issue as the first.

Thank you for the great description. I have been having exactly the same problems for about 2 YEARS now !!! I can't believe Spotify hasn't managed to solve this problem yet. Very very disappointing!

I can confirm i, yet another user, also experience the same problem as described above and by a bunch of other posts in this thread.

I Think that the issue is more a device specific thing. Perhaps the changes of the manufacturers are to blame? I had a lot a problems with my OnePlus 5, before 3T. I sold it about one month ago and I am now using a other device with Lineage OS. I didn't had to force close the Spotify app since then.

I'm having this issue as well. Can confirm that this is a Spotify specific issue on Android only. It works fine from my PC. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and a Redmi 4. First the shuffle issue, now this. Really Spotify? 

Happens to me aswell, Android loses connection to Chromecast. Only solution is to reset the phone, close and re open Spotify or disable wifi and turn back on which only sometimes works. 


Also, when casting a playlist on shuffle, it plays the same 4 or 5 artists, the first 4 or 5 I put into the playlist. However if I start the shuffle on my phone and then cast it plays 4 or 5 different artists, but keeps playing those 4 or 5. 

I have 3 chromcasts in my home and my phone cant seem to find any of them. Theyre on the same wifi but when i click devices available then tv it keeps coming up with download spotify onto your smart tv etc etc then i press the got it button and nothing changes. Its extremely frustrating as i just paid for spotify premium due to an upcoming event and now it looks like it was a waste. 

 I should tell people that in the last couple of months all my Chromecast devices are now showing up as they should in Spotify. It seems the issue has disappeared, and I have no problems whatsoever with playing Spotify with Chromecast! Great!

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