[Chromecast] Volume, audio quality, shuffle issues

[Chromecast] Volume, audio quality, shuffle issues

Premium plan, Android 9, Spotify version

I've got numerous issues with Chromecast Audio and Spotify:

- I have to restart the app to be able to adjust the volume from within the app. It works at first, but then somehow stops working, even though I can change tracks, play/pause etc.

- sometimes the audio quality seems to drop, even though I'm near the wifi router and reception is good.

- when I shuffle playlists or all the songs, it only seems to play the tracks from the top of the stack, so even with the whole song collection it only seems to cycle through the last 20-30 songs added. This only happens when casting, it works fine otherwise.

- changing tracks by swiping the cover causes the animation to behave erratically, it goes back to the last cover, then forward, and sometimes leaves a track playing with the last track's cover. I've seen this happen even when not casting, but not that badly. 



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