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Chromecast unusable

Chromecast unusable

UK, free account user nexus 6p running android 9 spotify app version chromecast firmware 1.39.154182 Streaming to chromecast from other apps is working fine but Spotify fails every time. I have tried clearing the app data. I've restarted my Chromecast. I've rebooted my phone. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify. I've had issues with Spotify to Chromecast for a while now but today in particular I start some music on my phone, select the chromecast device & immediately I get an advert for The Times (despite having just watched a video ad to give me 30 minutes ad-free). The ad plays for the full 20 seconds but the time bar on the TV screen gets stuck at 09 seconds. The Spotify app then refuses to play any music as the ad is stuck on screen. Nothing I do changes this situation. Every time I connect to Chromecast I get the ad for The Times and the Spotify app always gets stuck on the ad preventing me from playing any music. I was about to upgrade to Premium but I won't while I have this issue.
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