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Cant find my Podcasts

Cant find my Podcasts

Hello everybody,

I got a problem with my podcasts on my Smartphone. So, on my PC, everything is okay, i got the "Podcast"-point on the right side, i can see all my podcasts there. But on my phone, this point simply doesnt exist. I´m only able to search for the specific posdcast i want to hear, but i got no overview on which podcasts I´m following or which I downloaded. Thanks for every answer 🙂


My Specs:







Huawei P20 light

Operating System

Android 8 (Oreo)

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Hey @Lerohi, help's here. 


Do you get any error message when accessing the Podcast tab, or is it simply empty? A screenshot would be great. 


In the meantime, try reinstalling the app and see if it helps. Keep in mind that you might have to re-download your downloaded music and podcasts.


Further, are there any other differences in your apps across devices? If you don't see the same playlists for example, you may be logged in on the wrong account. Make sure to look for accounts with this help article.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

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