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Songs stop playing in the middle of the songs then skipping to an unknown playlist

Songs stop playing in the middle of the songs then skipping to an unknown playlist

Today I encountered the following issues with Huawei P20 with the most updated version of Spotify. 1) my selected songs were played for several seconds/ minutes then stopped in the middle of the song even though I did not touch any buttons. After trying to replay those songs. They still couldn't play entirely until their ends. 2) when the selected songs stopped for 4 to 5 seconds, Spotify automatically played an unknown playlist for me. I did not select those songs at all. The app always linked me to the specific playlist called "Raw money vibes". 3) after I pressed paused for that unwanted song, the next song from another unknown playlist automatically played on my phone through phone's speaker after several seconds. I couldn't stop it from auto-play at all. 4) even though the screen is locked, those unknown songs kept automatically played through phone speakers and it disturbed me much. 5) I tried to play songs from my personal playlist, each songs played only partly before skipping to the next songs and end up with playing those unknown playlist once again. I've already tried to update version, clear cache in the app, turn-off / turn-on the phone then uninstall/ reinstall the app, but it doesn't help at all. Now I need to uninstall the app otherwise that un-selected songs/playlist would keep popping up and autoplay loudly when I'm in the office or with other people. What should I do to resume listening to full songs with only the songs I selected ?
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