Chromecast vs Spotify

Chromecast vs Spotify

4-6 weeks ago I purchased a brand new Chromecast audio in order to replace my current network player and make it all a bit easier. But when I bought Chromecast audio apparently it all got a little more complicated!


I have now tried that Spotify will not connect on ANY chromecast I own (both normal video and the audio one that I own). It does a playback of the "connected" sound from my speakers and then in some mysterious way it just ends out at connections available again. This happened to me one time, I googled and ended up finding the solution from you guys, the big almighty Spotify. 


Simply delete the app and reinstall it. I did my due dilligence and sure enough it actually worked.


Today the problem occourred again so obviously I knew what to do! I tried to reinstall, and then another time after I had rebooted my phone as well. STILL there is absolutely nothing working...


I should probably point out that I can connect with absolutely anything else but spotify.


Do you have some kind of solution? I ran out of options myself, and yes they are all on the same network and all that other stuff that would probably matter. This is he second time within 1 week that it has happened so I am not really that pleased. 


And one more thing. You have not made it possible to control Spotify from a laptop via chromecast audio (It does not show up on the device list, but obviously you already know this) and this, to me is somewhat of a riddle. My old network player works fine and I can fully control it via the list of devices available, so how come you have not made the MOST COMMON streaming device available to be controlled from a computer? Is it just because you don't get any "royalties" or whatever from google? I should probably point out that I know that once it is started from the app on my phone I can fully control it, but why am I not able to launch the darn thing?


Sorry for the rant, but currently I am really not impressed by you lots performance

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Sorry to hear about this.

Could you let us know which brand and model and Android OS version of your mobile device?


About casting (launching Cast apps) from laptop/desktop: Google Cast SDK currently only support casting from iOS, Android or Chrome OS. Not from Windows, or Mac OSX, or Linux.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with Android 6.01

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