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Perhaps it is possible to indicate clearly on the premium page how it works with the offline playback capabilities. Now I got yesterday suddenly 2.5GB downloaded music on my phone. Now there was a glitch in Spotify Netherlands so maybe it has to do with it. This cost me € 115, - charges to my phone provider ... Further, the idea on my part to facilitating communication between Spotify Netherlands and its customers. I see Spotify in other countries has an email address for customers, but I can not find anywhere in the Netherlands ... I hope that something can be done with my ideas ... because I can not find anywhere where I can go with my problem .

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Hi @Suup70, and thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear about the offline tracks downloading over cellular. I've moved your post to the Help boards, as this is a better place to get help with your specific issue.


To begin, have you confirmed that you've set the 'Download using celluar' setting to Off? (Settings -> Music Quality). By default, this toggle should be switched off.


Also, if you need to get in touch with Spotify staff regarding an accounts issue (technical support is more quickly handled through the Community Help boards here), this contact form will get you to the right team. 🙂

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