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Connect spotify to twitter

Connect spotify to twitter

I been trying to post what I am listening to, to twitter, and I can't figure out how to do it. I don't think twitter is listed as one of my approved apps, I am not sure how to change that. 


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If twitter isn't listed in the share dialogue, try sharing a song using the desktop client. It will ask you to authorise twitter and the option should appear on the android app too after doing that.

Hi Joe,I tried downloading spotify on my laptop and sharing it and it worked. But it still doesnt work on my phone. It will only let me share a link, it doesnt show a little icon of what i am listening to, or mention who the song is by or what the song is. When i go to share it on my phone, the 3 options; facebook, twitter, and tumblr, are grayed out. When i try to login it says, "A twitter error has occured. Please check your login credentials".

Are you able to log into twitter on your mobile? If so, try going to, revoking Spotify's access to your account and then connecting in the client again. 

It shows this, i revoked then undid the revoke for both. It shows this message when i try to share it.-Gi

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