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Control volume on second device (Spotify Connect)


Control volume on second device (Spotify Connect)

I'm not able to control volume on second device, according to thread below it should be possible?

Device: Nexus 5
Second: Galaxy Nexus

Both running Spotify version

63 Replies

Confirm that streaming fron iPhone to iPad via sporify connect dont allow to change volume, really need a fix for that, i was thinking that was only my problem cause ipad run ios10 (old ipad) and iPhone all the last iOS and app version but as i read who has the lastest one on borj recieve/transmitter devices has that problem too 

Hahaha. F*ck! 😄 Four years later and still no solution..
And: Funny that this is the "solved" part of this forum. It's definetly NOT solved.

There will never be a solution. Spotify don't work on things like this anymore. 

Hi, I cannot remote-control the volume of my mobile Spotify Client (on Samsung S8 - Android).


I used that feature without any trouble on a ZTE Blade A 512 (and before with a Samsung S3).


Unfortunately this is a little bit annoying (At least it makes me do some sports: Adjusting the volume in the lab is each time a walk of 2 x 10 m and in total about 200m per day. Thank you!)


Is there a solution for this, do I have to click in the menu some stuff I might have overseen?





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