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Control volume on second device (Spotify Connect)


Control volume on second device (Spotify Connect)

I'm not able to control volume on second device, according to thread below it should be possible?

Device: Nexus 5
Second: Galaxy Nexus

Both running Spotify version

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This is still a problem. 
The volume control operability is as follows:

Device controlling remote device --> Remote device playing sound
Check OK: Android --> PC

Check OK: PC --> PC

Check FAIL: Android --> Android

Check FAIL: PC --> Android


This seems that the software for Android does not allow the volume to be remotely controlled through Connect. 

Does anyone have experience where the configs with 'check fail' work?


What a bummer. This was one of the main reasons I had for going Premium.

But being unable to control volume kills it.


Here's what I'm experiencing:


Android can control PC audio.

PC cannot control Android audio. (Which is the feature I would really like to have.)

Same problem. PC > iPad volume control doesn't works, but works in the opposite direction iPad > PC

Come on Spotify, fix this bug already!  You've got plenty of elaborate test cases in this thread to pin point your mistake and correct it.


I'm paying premium and this bug is as annoying now as it was when it was reported nearly -- a year ago!


Seems like it wouldn't be that hard to fix either. I don't know if it's just a bug or if they had an actual reason for not adding the feature.

Either way, maybe if we make enough noise they'll finally fix this volume control problem.

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not fix this, period. The feature is not yet supported Android to Android at all. The generic response to all Android problems is to uninstall, reboot, etc. This works for glitches, but not for a function that has not been enabled. I love Spotify Connect already, but it is still in beta mode at this point.

Plus 1! Connect works great except for this volume problem. With volume control this will be an excellent and elegant music listening system.

any reaction from spotify? will the missin feature come?


i love connect - but my squeezbox doesn't support - and i thought to use an android device ( i also have a hama device at an other room). test faild 😞

Just reporting in that I also am unable to control volume remotely on Android devices, either from other Android or from the Linux desktop client.

They seem to NOT be working on this at all. Android or Apple mobile devices, no volume control. They want you to buy one of the spotify enabled speakers systems they are putting out in cahoots with several audio companies, which I have zero intention of doing, since I already have whole house audio that I spent a ton of money on and sounds great.

I HAVE, however, found a workaround that is acceptable ro me. There are now decent apps that will allow airplay from Apple (and maybe with another app android?) devices. I installed AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) on the AFTV. Don't use Spotify Connect. Pull up your airplay list of devices on the phone/tablet and there is Fire TV. Select it and then play whatever you want, pandora, spotify, your music--volume works on all.

If Spotify decides they do want happy customers and volume control is enabled on Spotify Connect plus ALBUM ART IN MOTION/Alternating positions in lieu of screensaver I will jump fully back on the Connect bandwagon. Until then, airplay for me.

Please sort this out Spotify.

3 years later.. still same problem

For now the temporary solution that I am using if you're trying to do Android->Android is an app called Tablet Remote ( I set the volume on my speakers to the max and then I can control the volume through the app. I know there are similar for ios, windows, mac and even ones that have cross platform functionality for all of these through wifi. 

Marked as solution

My life's too short to wait for the **bleep**tards at Spotify to fix their **bleep** app. I can see people are still commenting on this issue, so it's obviously important to us users.
For what it's worth:  My solution was to buy a ChromeCast Audio.  It's relatively cheap and it Just Works.
This is the closest to a working solution as it gets.

I'd like to be able to use an old Android device as a full featured Spotify player (which would basically give the same functionality as Chromecast Audio, but for free if you have an old Android device lying around). Yes, I can already today use another Android device as a Spotify player, but without the volume control, which is quite annoying! Should be a simple software fix for Spotify.


Anyone else who'd like to put pressure on Spotify to solve this, give your vote here:

I can control volume on my imac which has usb-connected speakers from my iphone Spotify app, but I can't control my iphone (airplay to same speakers through optical input from apple express) from my imac? Is this going to ever happen? imac app shows that I'm connected to iphone and I can control track and playback but not volume. Why?

Screenshot 2016-11-01 11.01.09.jpg


still no solution for this. I'm trying to control volume of an iPhone from an android. Spotify please fix!

I can't control the audio of my chromecast audio from the volume buttons anymore. Before it worked by having a fifth volume bar in the Samsung volume control. Samsung galaxy s7. Now I need to open spotify to control the volume.

I'm experiencing this issue when trying to control volume on an iPad Mini from a Nexus 5 phone.  Highly irritating ! Can't understand why they are leaving such a crucial piece of functionality broken for so long.

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