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Controls from headphones does not work

Controls from headphones does not work


Xiaomi Readme note 3 pro

Operating System

Android 6.0.1 MMB29M (MIUI Global 10.2 Stable (MHOMIXM))


My Question or Issue

Controlls Play/Pause from headphones does not work as expcted

# Open spotify, play any song and click pause. You should see in the bottom status that track is paused. Threeangle must be shown. Look at screenshot.

# Clese Spotify application (remove from the memory)

# Open spotify again

# Plug in headphones

# Click on headphones button play/pause.

Expected: Music should start playing

Actual: Nothing happened


In additional: If you click play from the phone then music start playing and immediatelly stop (looks like signal for playing from headphones was "suspended in queue???" not sure how it works on Android).


After clicking play everything start working from headphones controlls, until you remove application from the memory and open again.


Same issue I have in my car using bluetooth connection. It started recently (last month or several weeks).


I reproduced same issue with two different headphones. My headphones in another application on another defice works as expected. My headphones in another application ON SAME (my device) works as expected.

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