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Copy Cached Music From PC to Android

Copy Cached Music From PC to Android

Hi, I have a fair few songs downloaded offline on my Mac, but I'd like to transfer those songs to my Android phone without re-downloading them, as I've almost used my data allowance. Unfortunately, connecting my phone to Wifi isn't doable because, well, reasons.


I've tried copying over the com.spotify.client/Storage folder, (and then again, with the offline.bnk and offline2 files I found) but when I click the "download playlist" button on any playlist, it downloads a single song and deletes all the cached stuff I copied over.


Is there any way to do this? 🙂

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


I don't think that is possible since each Spotify client maintains its own unique cache of encrypted content. Your android application won't be able to open/use the files downloaded by your PC. 



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