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Downloaded playlists on my Android have disappeared - Galaxy S2

Downloaded playlists on my Android have disappeared - Galaxy S2

I have just noticed after the recent update that my offline / downloaded playlists are no longer showing within my mobile spotify app. 


These were previously saved to my SD card and the SD card is still full with all of the song data however Spotify can no longer says they have been downloaded. This was the ONLY reason I paid for premium!!


Can somebody please help me fix this. 


Steps taken so far:

Cleared cahce


Reinstalled pervious version - pointed the app to my external SD card again (still didn't show downloaded playlists)

Updated to latest


I really do not want to have to download these playlists again as that is a waste of my time and this should never have happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Cheers Steve

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Had the EXACT same thing happen to me....on ALL my devices that use Spotify....but it upsets me most that it happened on my Phone (Motorola RZR)!!!! I have NO idea why either

Same thing on my htc Amaze. Has never done ths until this update . I have cleared data from app, uninstalled, reinstalled and am downloading again. We'll see what happens... Now tat rhapsody allows you to chose download location like ext-sd, I may switch back even though I really like Spotify. I don't have time for this..



The new update I believe direct the software to save the songs to whichever memory has the most storage available. This means that when you update it if you're phone inbuilt memory has more space, it will automatically direct itself to the phone memory rather than the SD. Has anyone here got more memory free on the SD than the phones memory even after the sync of songs?

Tried a hard reboot of your phone?

Feel free to submit any ideas you have for storage on Android to the ideas section of the community.


Unfortunately I think the best way to fix it is to do a clean reinstall of Spotify and resync your playlists.


Anthony 🙂

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My internal phone storage is only 16GB, with only 8 free, whereas my SD card is 32GB with 15GB free. So in theory nothing should have changed.


This logic in the update makes no sense, what if you have downloaded most of your playlists and used up 30GB of your 32GB SD card (leaving 2GB free), your telling me that Spotify with the update would forget that and use my internal storage?


Why can't spotify just simply RE-ENABLE the feature where you could select the path where to save the downloads. Surely this is not hard as it used to be there?

Same issue. Was working last week. I had all my songs available, about 700, now they are all gone.


How do we contact Spotify support directly instead using this board??

I'm having the same issue on my GS3 after the latest update...

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