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Corrupted bluetooth control after last update

Corrupted bluetooth control after last update

Something got bad after the last spotify update:


previously when establishing a bluetooth connection with my car the music automaticlly started. i was able to skip tracks forth and back with the car control keys instantly.


now after the last update i have to go into the app, skip a track one time manually in the app before the control keys in my car start working.


any quick solution to this behauvior?





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I have this problem too! The controls on my Bluetooth headphones stopped working to control music playback (play/pause, skip track, previous track etc) after this app update! Previously it was working fine. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 8 Oreo and Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones.

I have had that problem atleast two weeks now. Any controls on my car media player wont work when phone is locked or not in the app and same on my aux beats headphones any controls wont work. Phone that im using is galaxy s9+ its super annoying that you have always open the app to change or pause the song. Couple of friend does have this problem too.

The same has happened to me. Since the last update I can't navigate tracks via hands free. I now have to open the app and move a track on /back from there, after this my hands free works for a while before glitching out again.  Is there a fix or a way I can go back to the previous version which was working perfectly?


guys look out for the latest update. works again after installing it!

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