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Crash on Android due to artist name

Crash on Android due to artist name


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Samsung Galaxy S8+

Operating System

Android Oreo


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 In the last week my Android app has been misbehaving in the following way:


Consistent crash when scrolling through 'artist' list.

Unable to view list of albums.


This rendered the app mostly unusable as I could not view my album list.


I cleared cache, logged out/in, uninstalled, reinstalled, redownloaded with no effect.


I did some troubleshooting in the Desktop app and narrowed it down to an artist named '!!!'. Removing this artist fixed the issue. Adding it back brought the issue back.


I guess this is related to some recent change in the app as the artist has been in my list for many years.


Please could you fix this as until you do I cannot have this artist in my library and they are quite good.

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I have this exact problem too!
Albums list not loading up, and artists list causes Android to crash when reaching this band's name (the band name is '!!!', also known as 'chk chk chk').

I just signed up for spotify family. I'm starting to rebuild my library from iTunes and added the first artist: "!!!"


In the android app, when i click on library and "artists" or "albums" the app crashes. When i added a second artist's album (drake) the app still crashes when i click on "artists" and hangs (green circle) when i click on "albums"


Very frustrating first experience. This is happening on my oneplus 6 and on my girlfriend's Pixel 3.... Both are running the latest version of Android

Same Exact problem. Then I go to the web player online to see my artist and it only shows like 5 artists instead of all of mine. Weird. Try searching "!!!" in google. It must be part of the conspiracy.

The android app is no longer crashing at the bottom of my artists names. "!!!" is listed under "@" in the alphabetized list. But the Unhide a song option I was looking for is not there. I think the crash had more to do with the hidden songs than !!!.

I never used this 'hide' feature, and yet my app did crash.. This is not about the 'hide' feature.

Anyway, It does not crash anymore. Thanks Team!!

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