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Daily Mix Not Showing in My Library


Daily Mix Not Showing in My Library

Greetings..I've been a Spotify Premium member for over 2 years & am currently utilizing Spotify on a LG/smartphone/Android device. As of today I noticed online reading that as of today Spotify's new feature the Daily Mix playlist is available for all premium users...however when I checked my library Im noticing that the Daily Mix playlist hasnt surfaced yet on my premium account...on the Spotify news link it said it would roll out for all premium members who are utilizing the latest Spotify version..and yes..I did do a reinstall but still nothing..and as far as I know im using the latest Spotify version because I downloaded it from the Google Playstore today when I did my reinstall...anybody else having similiar issues....any help would be appreciated!
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That's good to know. How about your Time Capsule? Do you remember how long before you got it?

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My time capsule worked right away.

I see. Maybe your account existed and had enough data before the Time Capsule update.

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Yes. Thats the thing. I use Spotify for almost 2 years now.

I see. Thanks!

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I have a new account on spotify. When I first opened the account the app asked me to select my favorite singers and bands, then showed me some songs and choose the ones I like, and there were my daily mixes. But today all of those daily mix lists are gone as well as my favorite songs list. Please help what should i do? 

Is it gone also on other devices? How about searching for 'Your Daily Mix?' Or logging out and logging in again?

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I have the exact same issue as SlaCan

I registered yesterday, chose my favorites, etc... 


Had the "Daily Mix" for a few hours, with the "heart" symbol near each song.


Now both the daily mix and the heart symbol are gone... and when I try to open daily mix or look for it - it says:

"It's a bit empty here... Start by playing music in Browse and see Your Daily Mixes grow with your favourites and new discoveries."


Any ideas?

Not seeing my Daily Mix anymore. I've been a member and use Desktop Player (windows & mac) every day. Tried logging out and back it. When I search for it the link comes up but states I'm offline and I need to be in online mode to use. But I am online.

In app settings, the first setting is called "Offline mode", with a switch next to it.

Make sure this setting is off.


hope this helps.

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No. It doesn't

Ive been having the problem recently. Also had a broken friend feed and other issues.


I fixed it by clearing out my hosts file in windows.


I had this issue too, and just fixed it by cleaning the hosts file in Windows, the same way as the previous person.  Here are directions:

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